Frequently Asked Questions

Getting started

What do I need to register?

You need email address to create your account.
To have best ShareBrain experience, make sure you're using the latest version of your browser.
Recommended browsers
* If you use Internet Explorer, using Google Chrome Frame is highly recommended.

Can I use same account for work and private?

Yes, you can!
You can use "MyProject", a totally private project and not to share with other users, for your private information.
In Sharing work information with your co-workers, you can create team and project to share project information.
To share projects, please check How to share projects with other users.


How to use ShareBrain in my team?

If you want to improve the productivity of your team and to share knowledge in your team, you can use ShareBrain in your team.
To share your team informations, please check How to share projects with other users.

What is a team?

In ShareBrain, you can share notes and tasks with your members by sharing projects.
A team is unit of managing projects and members. We recommend to create a team for each company or department.
To create your team, please check How to create a team.

What is a group?

A group is a setting unit of access authority. Groups can be set every projects.
Note; Every user must be attached to one or more groups.
If actual groups are divided into each product, you may want to create groups accordingly like product A, B C.
If you want to share project with your client, you may want to create ProductA-clientA.

What is a project?

A project is a management unit of notes and tasks in its team.
You can share notes and tasks with your co-workers, by giving them authority to access your project.
Note;"MyProject" which made when you sign up is a special project for you. Only you can access your "MyProject" and you may want to use it for your private notes and tasks.
If you are already engaged in the business of project type, it'd be a good idea if you create a project that the project name.
To create your project, please check How to create a project.


How much?

It is free, because ShareBrain is beta now.

How much is the price of regular version?

It is not yet been determined.
If it will be determined, we will notify it to every user.


Is ShareBrain data encrypted?

Notes, tasks, uploading and downloading files are protected by SSL encryption. ShareBrain keep your sensitive business information safe.

Where is my data stored?

ShareBrain data is stored in data centers managed by Amazon.
Amazon's data center has received checks of third-party certification authority. Example, FISMA Moderate level, Amazon received are required when U.S. government entities utilize infrastructure services.
Only a select few of development staff have access to these servers. This staff will only access the servers for the purpose of updating versions or investigating technical issues with the permission of users.

Will my data be leaked to others?

In ShareBrain, basically, you can share notes and tasks among the members sharing the project. Members of the project including who participated from the middle can see all information in that project.
And if you make a note public, the note can be accessed from not project members.
Properly set the open range, please note, as without information leakage.
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